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Team Training Camps St. Mike's Arena

Let the professionals at Healy Hockey get your team season-ready. We currently have daily on-ice sessions available from Monday - Friday during the last two weeks of August. Times are booking quickly so please reach out if interested.

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About Healy Hockey

Motivating high performance athletes and building effective teams is what Healy Hockey Solutions does best. Our team of professional skill coaches are passionate about working with players of all levels who want to improve.

We believe in progressive skill development and we love to work with players who simply aspire to get better. This type of mindset builds confidence and allows players to function, and function well, at a quicker pace. 


We start with skating. It's the foundation of hockey and even the best players need help. Then it is all about the puck: shooting, stick handling, passing, puck protection and positional play.


We believe in and follow the Long Term Player Development Pathway. We spend time to really know our players and we make sure we are aligning their training with their age and developmental stage. 

Most importantly, we think hockey and hockey training should be FUN.

Picture of hockey team practicing shots on net from behind the net.
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